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Product Variants

What is Product Variants?

Nimble AMS has introduced the Product Variants feature for products so that associations can effectively provide greater selling options for similar and related products.

Using this feature, you can display a single parent product in Lightning Store, which will contain various child products.

The child products are different options or variants of a single parent product, which differ from each other in size, color, etc. This will benefit constituents who require a different variation of the product being displayed.

With more options to choose from, your customer experience is enhanced and potential revenues improved for the association. 


  • Sell more, with more variety and highly configurable for different variations and product types.
  • Integrates smoothly with Lightning Store for a superior e-commerce experience.


  1.  Attributes: Users pick from attributes that narrow their selection to the child product that will be purchased.

Useful Terms to Know

  • Parent Product (Record Type) - The summary product that will display to end users which represents the collection of child products. The parent product is a product record with record type = parent product.
  • The parent product is displayed in the Lightning Store product grid.
  • Child Product (Record Type) - A record type used to define the relationship between a Parent Product and any product found in Nimble AMS.
  • Child Product - When a product is linked in a parent-child relationship to the Parent Product, it is then considered a Child Product.
  • Product Link - A link created between the Parent Product and another product using the Child Product record type.
  • Attribute - Attributes can be used to differentiate products that are linked to the Parent Product as a child so items can be sold in different variations.

Product Variants can be configured to sell related and different products using attributes.

For example, if an association wishes to sell a book in Hardcover and Digital format they can create an attribute called format and assign it with values of "Hardcover" and "Digital". This will allow the products to be selected on the Product Detail Page by choosing those options. 

Support for Products

Product Variants are supported for any product. However, to use products other than merchandise products with the Lightning Store, it is recommended that you reach out to the Customer Success team for additional support.

Nimble AMS has introduced a more modern user experience for association members as they are browsing the details of a product variant. Please visit Product Variants in Experience Cloud for more details and how to get the newer version in your org.

Create and Enable a Lightning Store

Enablement & configuration for Product Variants

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