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User Sync

In Community Hub, each constituent has an account record and a related user record in Nimble AMS. The account record is used to store demographic information about a person as well as records surrounding their membership status, registrations, and other purchasing information. The user record is used to store the person's email and password which are used for logging into Community Hub.

In some instances, administrators may want to keep certain fields in sync with each other between both records. This is especially useful in situations where an administrator wants to set up Single Sign-On and share information between Community Hub and another system. This is because Single Sign-On uses information on the account record but administrator might also want to use information on the user record.

Syncing Fields Between the User and Account Record

Community Hub provides the ability to map fields between the account and user record which are kept in sync automatically. When fields are mapped, when constituents to make updates to the fields on the user record they are instantly seen on the user record; and vice versa.

Syncing Formula Fields Between the Account and User Record

Formula fields can be synced from the user record to the account record but not from the account record to the user record. Changes to formula fields are not synced instantaneously, but are synced using the SyncRecordJob scheduled job, which we recommend you schedule nightly. The scheduled job reviews all account records and updates those fields where the related formula field on the user record was updated.

When syncing formula fields from the user record to the account record, keep in mind this type of field cannot be used with Salesforce Single Sign-On.

Syncing All Mapped Account Fields with User Fields

In situations where there is a large scale change to a field on multiple user records, such as when a new field is created and populated during data conversion, or when many fields are updated via a script, administrators can use an Apex job to sync all mapped user fields with account fields to ensure all fields are accurate. When running this Apex job, fields can be synced from the user record to the account record but not from the account record to the user record. Contact Nimble AMS Support for assistance.

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