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View Roster Page

This page is part of the classic affiliation experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Nimble AMS Spring '17 release.

View Roster allows users who are company managers to view people that are primarily affiliated to their company. The list of people is sorted by last name and if more than ten people are affiliated with the company, users can see the first ten results, and click to see the next ten results, etc. Users can add or remove people, and edit limited information on roster member profiles. 

Administrators can customize who can see and use this page with some point and click and some development effort. See Access to the Classic Affiliation Experience for more information.

Page Information

View Roster
Controller NameViewRosterController
Heading LabelCompanyRoster
Description LabelViewUpdateRoster

Cards on the Page

ViewRosterRecord List Card Type
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