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Customize Affiliations in Community Hub

Administrators can customize Community Hub pages and duplicate checking settings to tailor the affiliation experience for your constituents.

General Customizations

Administrators can customize pages in Community Hub so you can tailor the company roster and affiliation experience to fit your association needs.

Here are the Community Hub pages used for affiliations and the company roster:

Some of the things you can change are the heading or description of these pages, add or remove cards, and adjust the information shown on some cards. Learn more about how you can customize these pages to provide an engaging affiliation management experience:

Duplicate Checking for Individual and Company Accounts

Administrators can set up duplicate checking for individual accounts and company accounts in Community Hub and customize what fields are checked against and displayed throughout the process.

Access to the Classic Affiliation Experience

This customization is part of the classic affiliation experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Nimble AMS Spring '17 release.

Administrators can designate who can access and use the classic company roster experience in Community Hub using a custom data source which determines who can access the classic roster. This data source controls access to the View Roster PageEdit Contact Information PageRemove From Company Page, and Add To Roster Page.

Things to Keep in Mind

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