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Winter '22 Major Features

Major Features

Learn about the most significant enhancements introduced in Nimble AMS Winter '22 and which major features from past releases are "growing up".  To view a list of all changes, head next door to the Winter '22 Change Log.

Winter '22 Major Features

Health Dashboard - More Features

With the Health Dashboard feature, released in Summer 21, Associations now have a way to magnify awareness of the features released to leverage Nimble AMS better. 

In Winter 22, we added many more exciting features to the existing list of features in the Health Dashboard. The Health Dashboard provides an easy way to view which features you have and have not enabled, an overview of a feature, and recommendations on how to get started with features.

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Nimble AMS myTrailhead

Now you can use Nimble AMS myTrailhead training modules to accelerate the success of your staff and maximize your AMS investment. Yes, it's the same Trailhead that you use for learning Salesforce! With Nimble AMS mirroring the ideal product upgrade model that Salesforce executes, there’s a lot of product innovation to keep up with each release. However, now you will be able to learn about the latest Nimble AMS releases through our own Nimble AMS Trails and Badges. 

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Event Setup Wizard

Take advantage of the Event Setup Wizard feature to create new events, and related products, and configure the settings. Creating events will be faster and foolproof to reduce training and troubleshooting time.

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Chapter Portal Events

This update to the Chapter Portal allows Chapter leaders to create events for their chapters which are reviewed and approved by association staff. Chapter members can view and register for these events in Community Hub by viewing the Upcoming Events page.

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Nimble Communities Automations

Nimble Communities now includes even more tools to make your community successful. In addition to Committee automations, Staff can now choose to create Community Groups for events and automatically add event registrants when they register. You can also opt for your community to display a Terms and Conditions page and restrict access to members who agree.

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Event Waitlisting

Create waitlists for your events so they can stay full even if some attendees cancel. Enable Event Waitlisting and when an event reaches its full capacity, interested attendees can easily add themselves to a waitlist queue. This will allow you to track information about other people who want to attend the event and process their registration as spots become available. By empowering association members and event attendees with the capability to add themselves to the waitlist, association staff has more time to focus on other important event planning tasks.

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Email Verification for Create Account

Provide added security against fraudulent account creation with this new functionality. This feature improves data quality and minimizes the number of fake accounts created by spam bots by allowing Administrators to require verification for new user accounts.

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Existing Features Growing Up

Introduced in prior releases, these features are advancing to the next level of the feature lifecycle in this release. 

Feature       PreviouslyNow     
One-time Scheduled and Installment Payments

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