Experience Cloud Checkout

Provide your members with a faster and better checkout experience through our new Experience Cloud Checkout feature that supports a Merchandise product. Built using Salesforce's best practices and the Experience Cloud platform, the new Checkout's intuitive design allows your members/constituents to easily update order details (such as their shipping address) and pick a shipping method as they are purchasing a Merchandise product. Their purchase experience has also been optimized by providing them with the ability to pay through a stored payment method.

The feature provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop Checkout Lightning Web Component (LWC) which can be added to a lightning page through Salesforce's Experience Builder interface. This functionality is used to build an amazing experience for your members as they go through the process of purchasing a merchandise product through the Buy Now Feature.

Experience Cloud Checkout provides a pathway for consolidating the various checkout workflows from Community Hub, thus streamlining the user experience for your members.


  • Improved performance: By improving the performance, Experience Cloud Checkout will meet the demands of your members to have your products shipped how they want it and where they want it.
  • Better user interaction: Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Checkout LWCs that can be added to a lightning page makes the purchase process quick and easy for your members. This is essential to minimize shopping cart abandonment and maximize faster and easier buying.
  • Opportunity to consolidate various checkout experiences from Community Hub: By consolidating the various checkout experiences, this streamlined process flow will optimize your member's shopping experience and possibly result in their repeat visits to make future purchases.

Figure 1. Experience Cloud Checkout

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