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Bill Me

Constituent can use the bill me payment option to purchase products in Community Hub without having to pay right away. Bill me can be set up to let constituents check out using a Pay Later - Bill Me option, where an account receivable is created for them to submit the payment at a later time. Bill me can be renamed in Community Hub, so you can call it Purchase Order, Deferred Payment, Pay Later, etc, and you can collect whatever information you desire, like a purchase order number; it's all up to how you set it up for your association.

Bill me can be set up in different ways to meet your association's needs.

As most international addresses do not have Zip / Postal Codes, if you intend on allowing international members to use the Bill Me functionality then you may need to make the Zip / Postal Code field on the Bill Me Address field set (on the Account object) no longer required.

Certain Types of Products

If you only want certain types of products to be purchasable using bill me–for example: only memberships and event registrations–you can set up bill me for only those Entity Order Items. Set up this way, the Pay Later - Bill Me is only given when purchasing those types of products in Community Hub.

A Single Product

In cases where there are only specific products you'd like to provide the bill me option for, you can set bill me on each Product individually. This is helpful in cases where you only want some products of a certain type to be purchasable using bill me.

Combination of Set Ups

Keep in mind that you can use a combination of set ups to make bill me fit your association's needs. For example: an association with two entities can have one entity set up with all types of products being purchasable using bill me, and the other entity with all memberships, subscriptions, and event registrations as purchasable using bill me, but only some merchandise products. You can use bill me in multiple ways to fit your business processes and goals.

To enable bill me for a group of products, like all the sessions in an Event, or for a Membership Type, bill me must be enabled on all related Products. So to enable an Event for bill me, all related Registration Products must be bill me enabled. In the same way, to enable a membership type for bill me, all related membership products must be bill me enabled.

If bill me is set up for a specific type of product, all products of that type are purchasable using bill me. Thus, enabling bill me on a single product of that type will not do anything, since all products of that type are already purchasable using bill me.

Deploying Bill Me for Your Entity

Once you've got products enabled for bill me, bill me can be enabled for an entity(s) and the Pay Later - Bill Me option will immediately be seen in Community Hub.

Order Analytics

Staff can create list views, reports and dashboards to identify orders that were submitted from Community Hub using the Pay Later - Bill Me option. Using Bill Me on Order, Order Item, Cart, and Cart Item, staff can identify and process orders submitted using bill me.

Community Hub

Trusted Accounts

Constituents can only pay using bill me when Trusted is selected on their account. Learn more about trusted accounts.

Community Hub Pages

Depending on how bill me is configured in your org, constituents experience variations in their checkout experience on the Checkout page in Community Hub.

Managing the Billing Address

On the checkout page, constituents can add or update their billing address which is used when they check out with bill me.

Paying with Bill Me

Constituents can check out using bill me through Community Hub.

Enhanced Order Summary with Express Pay (Optional)

If your association uses bill me to let constituents check out without paying right away and express payments, you can can streamline the billing process by giving constituents a payment URL they can easily share with a trusted individual in their company who can pay the invoice. By adding the Payment URL field to the Order Summary page and the order summary email, trusted individuals can pay the balance on the Express Payment or Express Payment Cart pages without even having to log in. Learn more with the recipe.

How Do I Enable It?

Administrators can set up Bill Me in Community Hub and Staff View.

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