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Catalog Synchronization

Catalog Synchronization reduces the burden of creating and managing LMS courses for association staff. The products created in Nimble AMS are auto-created within the Crowd Wisdom learning module, alleviating the need for duplicate data-entry efforts.

Ensure that you update the LMS Term of the ordered Product for a successful Order sync. 

How to use Catalog Synchronization?

Staff can configure and set up products and events in Nimble AMS and sync the information over to the Crowd Wisdom portal automatically

To sync products between Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom, while creating a product or event, select the Sync with LMS checkbox.

Expected Result

The product or event you create in Nimble AMS automatically appears in Crowd Wisdom and product information is synched in real time. 

To get a little more insight into Catalog Synchronization, check out the below fields:

  • Sync with LMS: Syncs products between Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom when selected during product creation
  • LMS External ID: Connects records in Nimble AMS to those in Crowd Wisdom
  • LMS Synchronization Status: Displays the Synchronization status, which can be Success, Failed, or Pending.
  • LMS Error Message: Displays an error giving further insight into why the synchronization failed, in case the LMS Synchronization Status is Failed.

If synchronizations fails, trigger the sync process again by changing the LMS Synchronization Status from Failed to Pending. 

Figure 1. Create a Product and Sync with LMS

Figure 2. Product on Crowd Wisdom

Other Features of Crowd Wisdom Integration

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