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LMS Credit Synchronization

Nimble AMS allows for credit synchronization, which means that an association can choose to write back data that they want to track, from Crowd Wisdom to Nimble AMS. By default, course completion information is written back in Nimble AMS once the learner completes a course in Crowd Wisdom. As per Association's business requirements, the functionality can be extended to import additional credit information.

How LMS Credit Synchronization Works?

Once the learner completes a course in Crowd Wisdom, the course completion is tracked within the corresponding Order Item Line in Nimble AMS. If there are any errors during the data write-back process, the error details are captured within the corresponding Order Item Line.

To check if LMS Credit has been synched with Nimble AMS, simply click the corresponding Order Item Line and view the LMS Synchronization Status.

Verifying Credit Sync Status and Troubleshooting

  • If the Credit Synchronization is successful, Nimble AMS will populate the LMS Synchronization Status as Success. If it is Failed, check the LMS Error Message field to get a better understanding of the error. 
  • Also, check LMS Completion Status: It will be selected if the course is complete on Crowd Wisdom. 

Figure 1. Order Item Line with Credit Synchronization Details

Other Features of Crowd Wisdom Integration

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