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Nimble AMS Integration with Crowd Wisdom

Our learning management software solution – Crowd Wisdom encourages learning anytime, anywhere, and in a variety of formats. Nimble AMS has developed an integration that works with Crowd Wisdom learning management software that allows members and association administrators to take advantage of both platforms.

Approximately 85% of members want their association to provide continuing education opportunities thereby making it one of the most important member benefits. Associations either heavily customize their own technology solutions or use an external LMS system to provide this member benefit. Customizations are often costly and having another system in the association ecosystem often brings its own challenges.

Nimble AMS recognizes these challenges and helps eliminate them by bringing a deep integration between Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom. This well-defined integrated solution focuses on:

  • Improving productivity

  • Enhancing member experience through a seamless workflow

  • Growing member engagement with the association

Figure 1. Integration Workflow


  • Single Sign-On: Simplifies the setup experience for associations and encourages adoption for members. Members sign into the association site once and can access Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom both, without having to sign in again. Organizations can leverage SSO between Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom to make it easier for their members to navigate between these two, thus driving more traffic to both places.

  • Catalog SynchronizationAllows association staff to quickly configure and set up products in Nimble AMS and sync the product information over to the Crowd Wisdom portal automatically. This will reduce significant time and the manual burden of setting up similar products on the Crowd Wisdom portal separately, especially when an association has a large number of LMS products. 

  • Order + Enrollment Synchronization: It also allows members to purchase what they need in Nimble AMS and have it available for consumption in Crowd Wisdom. Members can immediately dive into a course in Crowd Wisdom after purchasing it on Nimble AMS. They can learn and purchase association products easily which helps improve revenue and encourage member growth. 

  • Cancellations + Unenrollment Synchronization: Staff can cancel an order in Nimble AMS and automatically unenroll members from the corresponding course in Crowd Wisdom.   This reduces a manual step in your staff's workflow and streamlines the process.

  • Nimble AMS is the Centralized System: Once a user completes an LMS product/course, the information about the completion is written back to Nimble AMS. When multiple systems are involved, data can get scattered between those systems. By writing back data into Nimble AMS, we are reducing data silos so that all member-related data is in one place - Nimble AMS. An association member and association staff both get 360-degree insight into the member's learning experience right from Nimble AMS. 

  • Personalized interface: Delivers a personalized and enriched learning experience! Integration with Crowd Wisdom provides learners with clear career paths by creating a dynamic credentialing and certification system.

How to get started?

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