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Crowd Wisdom Configuration


Submit a support case to install the integration package.

Master ID

A new field, Master Id is created on the user object and mapped to the Member field on Account object to ease Crowd Wisdom configuration for you. If you do not find this field, contact support.

Configuration of Crowd Wisdom

1. Update Page Layouts

To make Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom work together, we need to edit the page layouts for Events, Order Item Line and Products objects to add certain fields to them:

For Events, add the following fields:

  • LMS Error Message

  • LMS External Id

  • LMS Synchronization Status

  • Sync with LMS

For Order Item Line, add the following fields:

  • LMS Completion Status

  • LMS Error Message

  • LMS Reference Id

  • LMS Synchronization Status

For Products, add the following fields:

  • LMS Error Message

  • LMS External Id

  • LMS Synchronization Status

  • Sync with LMS

  • LMS Lifecycle Status

  • LMS Term

  • LMS Product Type

2. Create a field on Order Item Line

We will be creating a field on Order Item Line to let Nimble AMS know which customer has placed the order for which learning course/product. Using this field, SSO feature will connect accounts in Nimble AMS to Crowd Wisdom. Salesforce and Crowd Wisdom need a primary key in order for the SSO to work. You can use a Salesforce ID or a custom ID to connect accounts in Nimble AMS to Crowd Wisdom.

To create a custom ID field for this, follow the below steps:

  1. From Setup, go to Object Manager.

  2. In the Quick Find box, enter Order Item Line, then select Order Item Line.

  3. Click Fields and Relationships.

  4. Click New.

  5. In Field Type, select Formula.

  6. Click Next.

  7. In Field Label, enter Crowd Wisdom ID or Crowd Wisdom External ID, depending on the value given in Account Field API Name.

  8. Hit Tab key so that Field Name gets populated. Remove _ from the Field Name.

  9. Select Return Type as Text.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Ensure Select Field Type is populated with Order Item Line and Insert Field is populated with Insert Merge field.

  12. In the Formula Box, enter NU__OrderItem__r.NU__Customer__c. This can differ based on your requirement.

  13. Click Next.

  14. Leave Field Level Security as is and click Next.

  15. Click Save.

3. Update User Page Layout

You will need to create one custom text field on User Object, as given below.

Create Master Id field on User object:

  • Field Label: Master Id

  • Data Type: Text

  • Length: 255

  • Field Name: MasterId

  • Help Text: Used for the Crowd Wisdom integration

Also, edit page layout of user object and add both fields to it.

4. Remote Site Settings

Before any Apex callout can call an external site, that site must be registered in the Remote Site Settings page, or the callout fails. Salesforce prevents calls to unauthorized network addresses.

To create Remote Site Settings, follow the below steps:

  1. From Setup, enter Remote Site Settings and in the Quick Find box, then select Remote Site Settings.

  2. Click New Remote Site.

    1. Remote Site Name: CrowdWisdom.

    2. Remote Site URL: In Staging and test environments:

                                                   In production environment:

                 c. Description: Crowd Wisdom end point for syncing LMS data

                 d. Active: TRUE

       3. Click Save.

5. Create Field Mappings

These steps are duplicated in Configure Single Sign On Using Community Hub as Identity Provider which is referenced in the next step but given here with actual values to use, for your ease.

  1. From the App Launcher, enter Community Hub Settings and select Community Hub Settings.

  2. Click New in the Field Mapping box

  3. Populate the following fields:

    1. Name: Crowd Wisdom Account ID

    2. Destination Linking Field: NU__PersonContact__c

    3. Record Destination: Account

    4. Source Field: MasterId__c

    5. Destination Field: Id

    6. Record Source: User

    7. Source Linking Field: ContactId

  4. Click Save.

6. Create Two Connected Apps

  1. Follow steps on Configure Single Sign On Using Community Hub as Identity Provider to create two Connected Apps - name them Crowd Wisdom LMS and LMS Credit Push. Crowd Wisdom LMS will connect Nimble AMS to Crowd Wisdom. On the other hand, LMS Credit push is created so that Crowd Wisdom can call back to Nimble AMS.

We have already created field on User object and added them to the Use object layout. So you can skip the corresponding step in Configure Single Sign On Using Community Hub as Identity Provider

2. Go Crowd Wisdom LMS, scroll down to Custom Attribute and click New.

The Custom Attribute field will be as follows:

  • Master Id

    • Key: MasterId__c

    • Value: $User.MasterId__c 

Master_Id field will be mapped with Crowd Wisdom ID or Crowd Wisdom External ID to be populated on Order Item Line.

LMS Credit Push does not need any custom attributes. Its main function is to allow Crowd Wisdom to generate a token and access our API.

3. From Crowd Wisdom LMS, copy the Consumer Key (also referred to as the Client ID) and Consumer Secret (also referred to as the Client Secret). Provide these values to Crowd Wisdom so that they can use these values to perform the enablement steps on their backend. They will provide you with the Callback URL. Here’s a list of details you must provide to Crowd Wisdom:

  • Client ID/Consumer key

  • Consumer Secret/Client Secret

  • Credentials of a user with Nimble AMS Integration profile assigned. (This will be created in following steps)

4. Click Edit next to Crowd Wisdom LMS, and add the Callback URL given by Crowd Wisdom to it.

5. For LMS Credit Push:

If you have  only 1 account with Crowd Wisdom you can integrate crowd wisdom in only 1 org.

7. Create a Navigation Item

In this step we will be creating a new navigation item on Community Hub so that constituents can navigate from Community Hub to Crowd Wisdom. This navigation item will be displayed on the top menu bar of Community Hub as a global item. The constituents can click this to navigate to Crowd Wisdom via SSO, i.e. without logging in again.

To create a Navigation Item, follow the below steps:

  1. From App Launcher, go to Navigation.

  2. In Navigation to Configure, select Global.

  3. Click New Navigation Item.

  4. Enter the following details:

    1. Name: Crowd Wisdom

    2. Is Active: Selected

    3. Menu: Global

    4. Title: Crowd Wisdom

    5. URL:

    6. Display for Logged in Users: Selected

  5. Click Save.

8. Create a test user to test your configuration

The user creation steps are duplicated on Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) Using Community Hub as the Identity Provider as well, but this section is added to guide you on exact configurations of the user you will need, to test your configuration.

To create a user, follow steps on Create a Community Hub User and select the Role as Admin and Profile as Nimble AMS Integration.

You’re all set!

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