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Enable Event Waitlisting in Community Hub on a Per Event Basis

Your Association staff has the ability to enable waitlisting for each event. When enabled for an Event and the Event reaches its full capacity, waitlisting becomes active on the Community Hub portal. At any time, your association staffers can override this default behavior and activate waitlisting before the Event's registration is full. For example, an Event Coordinator may want to reserve the last few registration spots for certain members and also want to start building the waitlist queue to capture potential attendee information.

Enable a Waitlist Manually before an event becomes full

  1. From the Event record, locate the Waitlist Enabled checkbox and check it.
  2. Save the record.

When the Event reaches full capacity, the Waitlist Active in Self Service checkbox is automatically checked via an automation process. Once it's checked, Waitlisting becomes active on the Community Hub portal, and association members can join the waitlist.

Your staff has the option of manually activating the waitlist in Community Hub before an Event becomes full by checking the Waitlist Active in Self Service checkbox and saving the Event record.

Figure 1: Screenshot that shows the two checkboxes that can be manually checked to enable a waitlist for a particular event

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