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Map a User Field with an Account Field for Syncing

Administrators can setup map Account and User fields to bidirectionally sync with each other. With a mapping in place, a change to the Account field updates the mapped User field and a change to the User field updates the mapped Account field.

User Sync mappings must be set up with the User object as the record source and Account as the record destination.  In most instances, this will allow bi-directional syncing of data between the two objects.  The Account object is the primary.

  1. In Lightning, Open the Community Hub Settings item from the App Menu.
  2. Click Edit next to each existing "Field Mapping" custom setting to review/adjust
  3. Click New to create a new "Field Mapping".
  4. In the Name text box, enter the name of the field Mapping to be created in the form of "User.[Source Field]>Account.[Destination Field]". For the purposes of our example we will use User.FirstName > Account.FirstName.
  5. In the Destination Field text box, enter the API name of the Account field you'd like to keep in sync with a User field. Example: "FirstName" for the built-in FirstName field.

    Custom fields will have a format of FieldName__c and namespace'd fields will look like NU__FieldName__c (where NU is their namespace). Just reference the field directly for its API name.

  6. In the Record Destination text box, enter "Account".
  7. In the Record Source text box, enter "User".
  8. In the Source Field text box, enter the API name of the User field you'd like to keep in sync with the Account field you entered earlier. Example: "FirstName".
  9. In the Destination Linking Field text box, enter "NU__PersonContact__c".
  10. In the Source Linking Field text box, enter "ContactId".
  11. Click Save.

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