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Summer '21 Major Features

Major Features

Learn about the most significant enhancements introduced in Nimble AMS Summer '21 and which major features from past releases are "growing up".  To view a list of all changes, head next door to the Summer '21 Change Log.

Summer '21 Major Features

Simplified Flexible Payments

Member demographics are changing. The members who are most engaged today are younger and their technology expectations are shaped by their consumer experiences.  Associations need to ensure their e-commerce experiences mirror consumer experiences and that is why we made several exciting enhancements to scheduled and installment payments to make it even easier for members to pay.     

Improvements include the option to allow carts to be converted to orders by allowing admins to simply check a box to enable it.  Additionally, contextual messaging has been improved in several areas to provide users with a more intuitive experience. 

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Health Dashboard

Associations will now have a way to magnify awareness of the features released to leverage Nimble AMS better. Associations can lose track of useful features that were not enabled immediately owing to releases one after the other.

With Summer 21, will now have a way to understand the value of all the Nimble AMS features available for them to enable, or those already enabled. In addition to providing an easy way to view which feature you are or are not using, Health Report will provide recommended actions to enable the feature, and related links to understand the feature and benefit more.

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Crowd Wisdom Integration Improvements  

Perhaps one of the most important features of a learning management system (LMS) is its ability to integrate with the heart of your operation – association management software (AMS) system. The handshake between these two systems, and the seamless exchange of data between them, enables you to spend more time creating valuable content and learner experiences.  

A deeper integration between Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom LMS will save precious staff time. Enter learning courses into Nimble AMS, while also populating within the Crowd Wisdom learning module to avoid duplicative work. Manage edits and updates to your courses from Nimble AMS, and automatically push these changes to Crowd Wisdom, alleviating the need for duplicate data-entry efforts.   

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NEW NimbleLand  

Are you ready to make more connections in the association space? Get the most out of Nimble AMS? Become invaluable to your organization?   

A new NimbleLand is ready for you to collaborate with fellow Nimble AMS users. Log in and discuss software best practices, hear what’s new and (what’s coming) in Nimble AMS, and share ideas with like-minded professionals.  

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Existing Features Growing Up

Introduced in prior releases, these features are advancing to the next level of the feature lifecycle in this release. 

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