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Summer '20 Major Features

Major Features

Learn about the most significant enhancements introduced in Nimble AMS Summer '20 and which major features from past releases are "growing up".  

Summer '20 Major Features

Lightning Cross Sell

Cross-sell functionality will provide Associations an opportunity to cross-sell more products and services to their constituents, and thus help in increasing revenue and member engagement. Organizations have several products and services that users can buy through the Lightning Store. When the user is browsing through Lightning to purchase a particular product or service, it provides an opportunity for the Organization to cross-sell other products and services that might be of the person’s interest. E.g. If a User is purchasing an ‘Accounting Handbook for Beginners’ then there is a good chance that the person might be interested in ‘Annual Conference for Accounting Professionals’ or ‘Journal for Accountants’. This can help increase the visibility of products and services and help in increasing revenue and engagement for the Organization. 

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One Payment - Staff View

Associations on many occasions receive a single payment that has to be applied to multiple orders. e.g. A Company paying individual membership dues or event registration fees for all its employees. Nimble AMS now provides a robust and user-friendly way for staff users to apply a single payment to multiple orders. One Payment feature allows staff users to select orders with outstanding balances and apply a single payment in a very time-efficient manner. 

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Scheduled, Installment, and Recurring Payments Improvements

We've made a number of exciting improvements to enhance the member experience while making staff more efficient. Increased visibility of recurring options throughout the order process, right from adding products in a cart to looking at a submitted order record to set up recurring on an order item, will reduce extra clicks for staff users. Improved User experience for setting up installments for members will encourage more members to use the functionality. We also made a number of improvements to stabilize the functionality!

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Lightning Store Improvements

We've made some exciting improvements to the Lightning Store to help you deliver a better purchasing experience for your members.  We have expanded the Product Filter component to give you more control over the categories you display, opened up more options on how you display product information, and added support for products across entities, to name a few. Take a look and see at what has changed in Summer 20!  You can also check out the Lightning Store documentation for more information.  

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Advanced Taxation Improvements

We've made several improvements to stabilize Advanced Taxation capabilities so that your staff can 'set it and forget it'. 

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Nimble Communities 

UPDATE Originally released in Spring 20 as a closed pilot, this is now an open pilot for any interested customers!

Nimble Communities are a place for associations and their constituents to connect and collaborate.  Associations can create branded communities that bring the association experience right to members fingertips, wherever they are. Customers can take advantage of a wealth of benefits to create a personalized community experience that engages constituents, by leveraging the platform capabilities directly tailored for associations. Communities provide a space where association members can collaborate on content in real-time, share files and directly connect with others.

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Existing Features Growing Up

Introduced in prior releases, these features are advancing to the next level of the feature lifecycle in this release. 

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