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Summer '22 Major Features

Major Features

Learn about the most significant enhancements introduced in Nimble AMS Summer '22 and which major features from past releases are "growing up".  To view a list of all changes, head next door to the Summer '22 Change Log.

Summer '22 Major Features

GL Exports Standardization

Keep your financial data in sync by exporting financial transactions from Nimble AMS and to your Financial Management System (FMS) of choice! 

Nimble AMS staff users already have the ability to export transaction data via batches and import it into the GL system. However, with the enhanced GL Exports feature, you can use a single solution to export GL files from Nimble AMS in any of the three file formats (.csv, .txt, and .iif) and easily set up exports with a point-and-click configuration. Another capability this feature offers are pre-configured options for exporting the GL files from Nimble AMS for:

  • Sage Intacct®
  • QuickBooks® Online
  • QuickBooks® Desktop and
  • Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

This enhancement also reduces setup time required and provides greater flexibility if your association ever needs to change your GL system in the future.

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Chapter Transfer

Chapter Transfer functionality enriches the Chapter Management feature by providing an easy step-by-step process to the Association staff to change a member's chapter membership from one chapter to another, mid-term. The change in chapter membership is made such that it doesn't impact the member's national or association membership. 

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SynchedLearning API Enhancements

Your ability to easily extend the out-of-box capabilities of our SynchedLearning API Enhancements feature is now possible through point-and-click field sets. Through this enhancement, administrators can configure its framework to make additional fields (from the Product and Order Item Line objects) visible based on how you'd like to integrate Nimble AMS with your LMS. The API framework automatically includes these additional fields in the API response and makes it available for an LMS to consume. This flexibility prevents the need for new code to be written which will eliminate costly customizations for your business.  

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Buy Now Improvements

Buy Now on Experience Cloud empowers your association members to make purchase transactions with your organization in the quickest way possible. This new eCommerce experience is built on Salesforce’s Experience Cloud and comes with Lightning Web Components (LWCs) which can be added to a new lightning page or any of your existing ones. The Buy Now LWC is designed to create a workflow that will highlight your flagship merchandise product(s) and provide your members with a quick, single-click purchase option. They can purchase a product quickly by bypassing adding it to the shopping cart. This function can contribute to your association's membership value strategy by giving you a competitive advantage and maintaining member loyalty.

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Experience Cloud Checkout

Your members can enjoy a faster and better purchase experience through our new Experience Cloud Checkout feature which supports Merchandise products that are shippable. Built using Salesforce's best practices and the Experience Cloud platform, the new intuitive design of this Checkout feature enables your members to receive a product how they want it and where they want it when they update the order details (such as their shipping address) and choose a shipping method. Your members will also enjoy being able to quickly purchase if they opt to pay for their shippable Merchandise product through a stored payment method that will be easy to do and time-saving.

Lastly, Experience Cloud Checkout provides a pathway for consolidating the various ways that one can check out from Community Hub; hence resulting in a more streamlined user experience for your members.

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Health Dashboard

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of the Nimble AMS Health Dashboard. This feature is no longer a limited release and is now accessible for all Nimble AMS customers. To access the Health Dashboard, administrators can simply go to the org and search for it in the App Launcher. This robust tool offers your association an at-a-glance view of the number of Nimble AMS features you are using and others that you may not realize are even available. Whether you're looking for new ways to improve day-to-day workflows or your overall member value, this is an essential Nimble AMS feature that we highly recommend you take advantage of today.

We've incorporated a dynamic, easy-to-understand, and accurate dashboard to monitor features that you are and are not utilizing. We encourage you to leverage all of the features that we're offering so you can boost your business operations and inform your strategies.  

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Lightning Store Display Currency

The Lightning Store can now display product prices in different currencies to meet the needs of a diverse online marketplace. By using the Currency Menu Lightning Web Component, you can enable your members to view the product prices in their chosen currency on the Lightning Store. This personalization factor will help to maintain member loyalty, make purchase decisions much easier, and possibly generate more sales revenue.

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Existing Features Growing Up

Introduced in prior releases, these features are advancing to the next level of the feature lifecycle in this release. 

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